The Special Interest Groups are a collection of members and supporters who share a common background, philosophy, identity, or set of interests within the Party.


New Zealand’s environment is at the core of our quality of life, our national identity, and our competitive advantage. We enjoy some of the most pristine and accessible natural beauty in the world. Good environmental practice is not only important to protect our natural heritage, but is crucial in securing the sort of future we want for our children. That is why National founded the Bluegreens in the 1990s and it continues to grow in strength and numbers. It is one of the most active of National’s Policy Advisory Groups and now works closely with a strong Caucus group chaired by Scott Simpson MP.


The SuperBlues are a group of socially active New Zealanders aged 60+ who work collaboratively with National MPs to promote solutions to issues that will enhance a quality environment for senior citizens.


The IndoNats is a special interest group for all people of Indian origin to get involved in the NZ National Party. There are almost 200,000 people of Indian origin living in New Zealand. We spread the awareness about new policies of the government & party in the Indian community and at the same time listen to the concerns, which the community might have and pass it to our MPs. IndoNats and its members work closely with local National Members of Parliament for the betterment of the community and the National Party.

NZ Young Nats

The Young Nats have been New Zealand’s largest youth political movement since we were founded over seventy years ago. The Young Nats continue to be a strong lobby inside the National Party, having advocated for change in areas such as the nuclear ships debate, economic reform, liquor law reform, and anti-discrimination laws.

Blue Dragons

The Blue Dragons is a group of New Zealand National Party supporters who represent a strong voice for New Zealanders of Chinese descent in Simon Bridges’ National Party. The Blue Dragons has members nationwide and is growing fast under the leadership of MP Dr Jian Yang and Hon Simon Bridges.

Pinoys Go National

Pinoys Go National is a movement by New Zealanders of Filipino descent to give back to the country that has welcomed them with open arms.

Pacific Blues

Kia ora, Aloha, Fakalofa atu, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Ni sa bula, Talofa, Taloha ni. Pacific Blues brings the National Party’s Pacific members together towards a shared cause. We believe that Pacific peoples are resourceful, talented, and have a huge potential to contribute to all levels of NZ society successfully.

Kahurangi Nationals

Kahurangi Nationals is a Special Partnership Group of the New Zealand National Party focused on Maori policy issues and sector engagement. We believe that the National Party is the best voice for Maori, and requires a strong advocacy group to grow effective Maori involvement and participation.